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Book That App has recently rolled out a new feature called Resources.

This feature lets you assign a resource to each product.  If you have products where the same person (or room) supports two or more different products, this feature will block out all products sharing the resource if a booking is taken for 1 product.


You run a nail salon and have a technician named Nikki who can perform either a manicure or a pedicure. 

If Nikki receives a booking for a manicure for Jan 1 at 9:00 AM, then the pedicure product will also show as booked out for the same time slot.

Set Up:

  • In the Resource tab, choose Add Resource.
  • Enter a name for the Resource and hit save
  • In the product page, add the Resource name in the Resource field
  • Add the same resource name to every product that shares this resource
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Enhanced Class Enrollment Report

We've recently made some enhancements to the Class Enrollment List.   Here are some of the new changes:

- Search by class or by date

- Sort by customer name, order, booking or date

- Record customer attendance

- Export the list to PDF or Excel

- Print the list


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We've just launched a few feature called Notifications.  You will find it in the top right hand navigation of the BTA admin.




This feature will allow you to see orders that come in with an incomplete booking.  (Incomplete bookings typically occur because of an error in set up or configuration).

When you receive a notification, click on it and enter the correct date in the booking and hit save.

If you need help troubleshooting the reason for the incomplete booking please contact

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Scheduled Email Reminders

Book That App has just rolled out a new feature allowing you to schedule your email reminders.  This feature allows you to automatically send out a booking reminder in advance of the booking.


To set up the reminders, please go to the BTA Admin under Settings.


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New Features

Just a few of the new features we've recently introduced:

  • SMS Capabilities:  The ability to send booking reminders via SMS
  • Location Maps: You can now add a location to your booking confirmation showing the location of the event/class on Google Maps and allowing you to provide directions to the location.
  • In Line Datepicker:  This shows the calendar by default instead of clicking the date box.
  • Calendar Customization: You can now choose different themes for your datepicker and add custom CSS to your calendar page.
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One Off Dates

We've had several requests from customers who run classes to be able to schedule random classes as opposed to those on a set schedule (ie/ Every Tuesday).  We're happy to announce that we've added support for one off dates.  To view, choose Class as the profile for the product and then choose "Add Date" under One Off Dates.  Keep adding dates until you've captured the course schedule.
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Opening Hours

 We've recently added a new feature called Opening Hours.  This lets you set the days and times that you are available to accept bookings.  It also lets you set seasons so you can have different opening hours at different times of the years.

The Opening Hours setting can be found under the Configuration tab in the BTA admin left hand nav.

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Welcome to Book That App

Shopify Booking Engine BookThatApp seamlessly integrates with Shopify to keep track of bookings made for your products. When an order is placed, a booking is automatically created in BookThatApp.

Book Anything! BookThatApp is perfect for stores offering equipment or product rentals, course bookings, ticketed events or as a reservation system.

Real-time Bookings & Availability Real-time availability lets customers choose dates/times right on your product pages. Only products that are not booked out or blacked out can be selected.

Pending/Confirmed Bookings BookThatApp can be set up to create reserved bookings for orders where payment is authorized, but not captured. Once a payment is made, the booking becomes confirmed.

View by Month, Week or Day View bookings using Day, Week, or Month view. Color coding lets you see at a glance your confirmed and pending bookings.

Brought to you by Conciergify ShopfiyConcierge have years of experience developing Shopify themes and apps, and our help desk and dedicated support forum ensures you get timely and expert help.

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